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No seriously though I realize I need an SSL and to get some decent background stuff and images and all kinds of neat things going here and linking my youtube stuff But I’m trying to make a move happen and I don’t have the time I need to do all the things to get that done. I’m managing to keep it straight in a situation that doesn’t lend itself to easy decisions, with some work on my other projects and my actual life and when I find a place to relax it’s to sleep and not much else.

I’ve met some cool people recently and talked about my beer blog and there was more and is more and will be more to read, but if you’re just interested to see if I know shit about beer check out my twitter feed @rightaboutbeer, where I’ve got my untappd linked up and I try to keep track of most of my stuff through that format. I’m still compiling new stuff and there’s always the hypothetical research project on the burner, once I get the balls up to call around and ask questions about expensive choices people I don’t know make.

Which reminds me of something I heard today, from a realtor that was managing a shit-u-ation, if you know what I mean. It was her generous efforts to keep the deal on track that won the day, but she admitted that sometimes, she feels more like a therapist than a realtor or saleswoman, and I thought about it for a second.

It’s obvious isn’t it? Buying a house is the most intensive, expensive thing most people will do in their life, and they NEED someone to talk them back from the ledge, to keep them steady and justify the expense they’re about to incur. I hope I helped her realize that in that moment, she was super into the deal and deserved that pint she was about to drink.



When you conduct your business at the bar or taproom please understand even the most polite and respectful bar neighbor is going to hear and, best case scenario, imagine all sorts of things. I am not such a person and was almost completely engaged in a writing excercise but I still overheard the story of my new friend and it was intense.
She was chill and it wasn’t anything private but it is one of the reasons I keep going to these places – you never know who you’re going to meet and what you’ll hear. Most of the time I’m reminded that, even in my most challenged moments, I’m better equipped to deal with life’s little curveballs than most, and even people with (apparently) money to burn still try to fuck each other over with zero benefit to either party. And so I enter this whole new era of my efforts to be famous enough to write and not like work till I fall dead from a heart attack with trepidation, for what I see is not an easy path.

Please check in again, If you made it this far also check out some of my other posts, which trend to ‘almost about beer’ in some cases. I am relocating to metro Portland from almost 3 years on the coast side of Astoria, and will be busy for the near future keeping my shit together. These moments tend to generate intense creative moments for me, and when I can grab ahold of it I’ll jam out something really good in a session, but it’s hard to bridge that product with the more mundane filler explaination shit like this. *shrugs

I’ve got a patreon out there somewhere, it didn’t want to link. track me down and buy me a pint for a private rightaboutbeer consultation! Ask me how I feel about the whole Stone situation AHAHAHAHAHA GOT YOU AGAIN all 3 of you that have read more than 1 of these posts…mwah.