Pre-flight jitters

I’ll be standing in line at PDX in around 12 hours, internally screaming at myself to stop judging everyone and relax a little so i don’t look sus. In order to wind down some of the remianing time, i’ve perched myself on a stool at Loyal Legion in Beaverton and ordered a HUB Velvet ESB.

I have been rewarded for my selection. I didn’t even check untapped to see if ive; have it before, which isn’t abnormal but I skipped a lot of the other hoiliday and seasonal stuff for a nice warm red. My experience the other night at Von Ebert has re-awakened my desire to break away from the sheerly dark stouts and pervasive ipas I do so enjoy. I spent several hours sorting and packing clothes and my carry-on, remembering to check in for my flight and grab my shitty middle seat confirmation (goddammit). i am grateful for the tickets, since I am not paying for them, but…fuck.


Hahaaa I’m kidding I practically passed out the other morning at the gym when someone doused themselves in some bug spray in the locker room before leaving quickly. I was unimpressed with their choice of aerosol anti-woman elixir, but it might have been more that the gym I go to never has hot water. No, not ever. Nope. I’ve been the only person in the place at 4am…because #vanlife ugh…and can’t get myself worked up to a steamy lather. It’s frustrating. I look forward to soaking in a bathtub since my accomodations don’t include a hot tub. Again, I’m not paying.

So like wtf then this is a beer blog isn’t it why should I care?

Imean, seriously, what else do you have to do at 3am while you sit on the toilet but read some weird life shit? Do you have any idea how hard it is to sort laundry while sitting cross legged in the back of an SUV? I spent a lot of time trying to figure out the right outfit for the flight (hoodie?Zip-up insulated jacket and a t-shirt? Maybe the jacket and a long-sleeved shirt. Of course my brand-new green doc martens because fuck the line…)and trying to pack some other crap into the carry-on for a 5-day tour. I also packed some Great Notion, Level, and Breakside cans into a box only to discover a very long line at the post office. Ihad seriously considered just drinking one or two of them myself but I braved the line and got some supplies headed…east!

stop playing games, where are you going?

IOWA. I’m going to Iowa. Des Moines, and then a night in Cedar Rapids, my hometown(ish). A long-time friend offered to have me visit him and his new baby and the family, at his expense, and how could I turn down that offer? I went to his wedding a year and a half ago, and couldn’t get a rental car for some reason, which meant I couldn’t visit the breweries or taprooms I would have if I’d been mobile. It’s almost compulsive, at this point, but I could be doing worse things with my time than chasing beers and hoping that someday I’ll find what I’ve been looking for out there, and my friend shares some of that love of the adventure, so I’m heading to the flyover country on a big and then a smaller jet plane. Probably in the not-window seat.

I have just obliterated a basket of dirty fries, and washed those down with a delicious west coast IPA from Fracture and Behemoth. Gotta love those collaborations. I am now off to slumber, and then prepare for a date I somehow got. Seriously, I don’t know what to expect but I was invited to a NYE’thing’ by someone who gets off work at 11:30 and it was completely unexpected but complicates my night a bit. My brain is already occupied with the trip planning and now a female protagonist has stepped into the frame suddenly, and I am…almost okay with it.

So long as I make my flight, I shall report on the state of the Iowa brewing scene to the best of my abilities, asterisk asterisk asterisk. Everything is so much more family-friendly, I have no doubt that the places I want to visit in Iowa will be super-chill with the family units and we’ll just have a grand old time. I hope to use this time to write and work on some other stuff too – it’s not often you get a complete break from your current attachments and occupations, and in my case it’s been a long six months or so since I was allowed to just take a breath without already knowing where my next 8 steps were going to be. Freedom can be incredibly tiring.

I hope to be able to spend time working on this space, since it went awol in the typical wordpress updates. I happen to have actual…training(?) and an education in…let’s just say web design theory. and a friend that’s a mastermind advertising search type. I imagine most readers of this post will land here some time ine the future, and that’s fine. We’ll see what happens in Iowa this week, the first week of…(holyf) 2023.

I’ve got to get out of here, those fries are long gone and I’m not looking to buy another pint at this point tonight. We’ll see you all in ’23

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